Honorable Shree Sadguru Sadanand Vishnu Zad Maharaj started this Sampraday about 45 years ago to help the needy, downtrodden and underdeveloped people and provide them with guidance and support. Members of this sampraday are currently spread across the entire Sindhudurg district and are located in other districts such as Mumbai, Thane and Ratnagiri.

The original location of the sampraday is Malvan Wayri Bandh and houses a 125 years old self-manifested temple of Shree Datta. Numerous religious programs take place in this temple for social welfare and sampraday development. Shree Sadguru (Mauli) has also erected Shree Datta temples at Tardeo, Mumbai, Trombay – Katta and Malvan, Piyali and Kankavli in Maharashtra state.

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Shree Sadguru Sadanand Vishnu Zad Maharaj

"सिंधुदुर्ग रत्न "Award 2014"