Shree Gurudev Datta


·         About Sampraday

Honorable Shree Sadguru Sadanand Vishnu Zad Maharaj started this sampraday about 45 years ago to help the needy, downtrodden and underdeveloped people and provide them with guidance and support. Members of this sampraday are currently spread across the entire Sindhudurg district and are located in other districts such as Mumbai, Thane and Ratnagiri.

The original location of the sampraday is Malvan Wayri Bandh and houses a 125 years old self-manifested temple of Shree Datta. Numerous religious programs take place in this temple for social welfare and sampraday development. Shree Sadguru (Mauli) has also erected Shree Datta temples at Tardeo, Mumbai, Trombay – Katta and Malvan, Piyali and Kankavli in Maharashtra state.

Shree Sadguru Sadanand Mauli Maharaj Sampraday is a registered organization and officially conducts medical, educational, and religious initiatives. Since its inception, the organization has been working for people of all sects and religions without any discrimination – with the sole humanitarian objectives in mind.

Under the guidance of Mauli Maharaj, a number or religious initiatives take place in these temples. Aarti and worship – thrice a day, continuous chanting of the God’s name take place every day. Every Thursday and Saturday, religious sermons are held to share the knowledge with everyone who attends them.

For all the followers of Sadguru Mauli, the temple at Malvan has been rejuvenated and temples have been erected at Trombay (Mumbai), Katta (Malvan) and Piyali (Kankavli) where religious initiatives and programs take place. At the Shree Datta Mandir in Tardeo and Malvan, the yearly festivities of birth anniversary, Palkhi procession, and other important festivals of the Hindu calendar such as Mahashivratri, Gokulashtami, Navratri Utsav, etc. are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and contribution from all members of the sampraday irrespective of social status, or economic background.

To enable these initiatives and to facilitate the management of these programs, a Sadguru Seva Mandal has been registered in Mumbai. Another sampraday by the name of Shree Sadguru Sadanand (Mauli) Maharaj Sampraday is active in Malvan for these purposes.

·         Social Responsibility

As per the popular Marathi proverb “Ek Meka Sahaya Karu, Avaghe Dharu Supantha” literally translated to English as “We will help each other and take everyone along with us on the path to success” the sampraday is carrying out its work tirelessly. He, who helps the needy and helpless and cares for the destitute in the society, should be considered as the real saint and we get the same feeling when we are in the company of Mauli Maharaj.

All are equal in front of him and caste, religion, social status, economic status can never be a barrier for him. Just like the selfless love of a mother, Mauli Maharaj loves his disciples unconditionally.

To support these social causes the sampraday organizes a number of a program like :

  • providing school uniforms and stationary material under educational help programmes.
  • Under the Mauli Adoption Scheme, poor yet deserving students are selected and helped in every possible way.
  • Food and medical help are provided to the Poor and needy families.