Akshay Patra Food Donation Drive

Mauli Maharaj inspires us from within to act and do certain things selflessly and even he does not take any credit for any good deeds. One such inspiration has led to the concept of Akshay Patra food donation drive.

Many needy and poor people come to Government hospital in Orose in Sindhudurga district to get medical treatment at a very reasonable rate or even free. But, these patients and their relatives were not getting proper food. We came to know about these people and we decided to start a free food service with the divine blessings of Mauli Maharaj. We contacted district surgeon Dr.Mane, and he responded in a very positive way and on 10th January this project was inaugurated by honorable Shree Vilas Vishnu Zad. On 1st May 2013, Maharashtra Day it was made open to the public by Mr. Narayan Rao Rane (State Minister of Industries and District Guardian Minister)

With the divine blessings of honorable Mauli Maharaj, we have started this food donation programme for the patients who come for medical treatment. Under the guidance of the hospital and doctors, a healthy and nutritious diet is provided to the expecting mothers who have come for delivery, children and needy people completely free of charge.

Due to the discipline, neatness, and cleanliness maintained in this program, doctors, patients as well as hospital staff are fully satisfied with the services offered through this program.

Importance of Food donation

Everyone understands the importance of food donation. Especially in the Kaliyug, Food Donation has supreme prime importance. One can fulfill his own desires and wishes by donating food. By doing this, one is relieved from all problems and obstacles of the materialistic world. If anyone in the family is suffering from a cureless disease. There are miracles associated with a food donation. One must experience it. Nowadays people don’t follow any rituals that are usually done after the death of a family member. So, the wishes of the dead remain unfulfilled and the soul is not liberated for its ascent to the heavens.  Due to these unfulfilled wishes of ancestors, one has to suffer a lot. Food donation prevents this suffering and the soul can move on to the next journey. With the good wishes of people, the air around us gets purified, the obstacles are overcome and our family gets peace and satisfaction. One gets good health and enjoys a happy life.

But, food donation must be done in the right place. If food is given to the person who really deserves it will create wonders in life. Good wishes which are straight from the heart and the blessings which we get after feeding someone are just priceless. Saint Tukaram Maharaj says that each person is a form of God. Ramkrushna Paramhansa has also said that helping people is a form of worshipping God. According to Hindu Mythology, hunger is considered as a holy fire which is extinguished with food. The blessing one gets by offering food to this fire is a reward. Every day this fire lights up and extinguishes only after it gets the food.

Every day millions of people go to sleep hungry. They do not have sufficient food to satisfy the fire inside their stomach. That fire gets extinguished without any food. In our country, everyone is entitled to a full square meal daily. However, at least 50% of the people don’t get food or they get hardly one meal to eat.

On behalf of Shree Sadguru Sadanand Mauli Maharaj Community, Malvan, with the blessings of Shree Datta Maharaj and Gurumauli and with the help of all citizens and devotees we have started free Food Donation Service (अक्षयपात्र अन्नदान सेवा) for the needy and poor people taking treatment at Government hospital Sindhudurga from 23rd January 2013. 45,000 people have taken the benefit of this scheme so far. Other than this scheme Shree Mauli Adoption scheme (श्री माउली दत्तक योजना) has been started to help and encourage the students from the rural area to get an education and support their family. Around 479 students have benefited by this scheme since 2010. During the academic year 2013-2014, the mid-day meal scheme was started in the Government Polytechnic for 50 needy students.

We always discuss Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which means that business owners and entrepreneurs should contribute to the social cause or the government must do something for the citizens and society. But, no one talks about the individual contribution or in what way one can help the society. A selfless attitude leads to real happiness but no one is willing to experience that. When we donate a single seed, God or Nature returns that to us in multitude. But no one is willing to give away that single seed. Everyone wants to keep money and property for next generations. No one can take the money to heaven and the other family members do not understand the value of this property that you have earned with your blood and sweat.

One must understand this situation and should invest at least some amount monthly for food donation and get divine experiences. While progressing in life let’s think of our hungry brothers and sisters and let us join the Food Donation Service (अक्षयपात्र अन्नदान सेवा). Under this scheme, you can contribute in terms of money or material, which is given to the poor, hungry, and needy people from the society. We ensure that each food grain reaches to those who are deserving and destitute people.  We strongly believe that with everyone’s cooperation we will be able to help everyone.